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Opening General Session: Think Like an Inventor: The Mindset & Motivation to spot Opportunities, Take Initiative and Embrace Change

11:00 AM- 12:00 PM

Breakout Session 1D: Little Big Bangs for Meeting and Event Planners

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Julie Holmes

You know that THING that frustrates you? 

The process that takes too long and costs your business money. A sales team that is doing the same old thing and, unfortunately, getting the same mediocre results. A market full of competition that’s moving so fast you’re struggling to keep up let alone get ahead.

From that frustration stems the most amazing opportunities. That’s where I come in.

My name is Julie Holmes, and I’m an INNOVENTREPRENEUR. A creator. An opportunity finder. A problem solver.

My favorite question is “What if?” What if you could transform that frustration into time savings and money making? It might sound crazy, but that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for organizations over the last 25 years.  

From million-dollar software solutions to higher levels of customer engagement; if there is a frustration you are dealing with – there is an innovative solution to be found. For example:

  • While some companies spent millions on Sarbanes Oxley software development, we solved the problem for 1000s of clients without a single new line of code

  • When I was frustrated that something I needed didn’t exist, I invented it. A new product that went from prototype to delivered product in 90 days and is now used in over 25 countries worldwide

  • In the wake of a quality candidate crisis, some organizations scramble to find resumes. One global powerhouse brought me in to identify and implement leadership innovations that developed their existing talent – thereby retaining valuable people in the business and attracting top quality candidates

It’s no wonder that innovation is the #1 concern for CEOs but how do you make it happen without the trauma, the expense, and the delays?

The answer is INNOVATION FOR THE REST OF US. Every organization, including yours, has an army of innovators that are just waiting to be unleashed. There is a horde of people waiting to become profitable problem solvers and opportunity spotters. All they need now are the skills and vision to deliver.

And the innovations they identify don’t have to be big. Let’s face it, radical innovation is … well, radical. It takes lots of time, lots of money, and sometimes a loss of customers but, it’s necessary to compete. But, what if you could keep your waiting customers happy with micro innovations? What if you could drive higher levels of engagement with incremental change? What if you could eradicate your frustrations while delivering a new little idea that boosts the bottom line? Those are innovations that can deliver dynamite results without all the collateral damage.

You can capture the dynamite of innovation when I deliver keynotes and programs from the stage like INNOVATION EXPOSED, LITTLE BIG BANGS and NOW THAT’S A BRIGHT IDEA at conferences around the world. Or maybe you would prefer me to work with your team empowering them to innovate or facilitating Little Big Bang-a-thon innovation days.

So, what if you hired me for your event or to work with your teams? What if your next great idea or improvement is just waiting to be discovered? There’s only one way to find out!

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