3:45pm - 4:45pm

Breakout Session 3B: Using Big Data to Tell a Better Story

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Dharmesh Dayabhai

Streampoint Solutions & Resiada

Dharmesh Dayabhai is the Co-Founder of Resiada and Streampoint Solutions. Starting in the event industry in the late ’90s, he recognized s need to help streamline the registration process. With that in mind and 20 years later, he has created more-created a solution that is versatile and adaptable to the most complex registration and ticketing requirements. Looking forward, the next step is to enable clients’ to be more empowered in the management of their hotel room block. With this notion, Resiada was born.

Dharmesh is a technology strategist who partners with event professionals, entrepreneurs, and tech companies to help grow their events, brands, and engagement. After working almost two decades in the event technology business, startups, marketing, branding, and understanding the eco-systems of form and function between humans and technology,   Dharmesh knows what drives technology – and it’s not about the hot topic or fad of the week or month. It is all about understanding human connectivity and the entire eco-system we call technology.

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