11:00am - 12:00pm
Concurrent Session 1.3

7 Keys to Developing A Learning Culture That Works

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Gerald Leonard, PMP, PFMP CEO

Principles of Execution, LLC

Gerald J. Leonard understands the challenges that organizations face as they struggle with culture confusion, too many number one priorities, lacking consensus among key leaders and misalignment of their mission, vision, and values. He is an international expert on the topics of Developing A Culture That Works, Strategy Implementation, and Project Portfolio Management and is also a professional bassist. He is the author of Culture Is The Bass: 7 Principles for Developing A Culture That Works and the upcoming book, Building A Symphonic Company Culture: Unify, Strategize, and Execute Collectively for Optimum Results. He is the CEO of Principles of Execution (PofE), a Strategic Project Portfolio Management and Culture Change consulting practice with over 20+ years experience working with large Federal and State Governments and Multi-National Corporations. Gerald provides an insightful and unique way of combining his experience and expertise as a professional bassist and a certified Portfolio Management Professional consultant.

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